JN108.5: Look, a cleaner URL!

Dear everyone,

The smell of Tet is in the air, the fragrance of hope, renewal, and sticky rice cakes so dense that they bend time and space. As part of the tradition, every Vietnamese household spends a huge amount of time cleaning, filled with good cheer. (By “every household,” I mean “women,” and by “good cheer” I mean “men sitting around watching soccer and drinking.”)

The month before Tet (February 3rd this year) is the perfect time to clean out your house, get rid of unwanted crap, and get a haircut. When the New Year hits, it’s bad luck to toss things out or cut your hair, since those activities are symbolic of throwing out good fortunes. I nearly got stabbed by an aunt once for sweeping the floor on the first day of Tet. If you have to sweep the floor during those days, sweep stuff behind the door and leave it there until the fourth day.

Of course, cleaning for Tet now includes things not just related to the house. These next few days, prioritize organizing your email inbox, cancel credit cards, conduct exorcisms, and clean up your blog’s URL.

Jaggednoodles.wordpress.com is now just jaggednoodles.com. I feel good fortune smiling on the blog already.

Next, i’m going defriend all my useless Facebook friends. Oh, wait, I don’t have a Facebook account, because it’s a time-sucking vortex of narcissism and egomania.

2 Responses to JN108.5: Look, a cleaner URL!

  1. The Obnoxious Republican says:

    So what your saying is that the theme of Tet is the holiday where men get drunk and women have more work to do than usual, cooking and cleaning, etc. Hmmm, typical…must have been invented by a man. My only question is what is so different between the Tet holiday and any other holiday in any other culture? In the US, I think we call it Thanksgiving, New Years, Christmas, Memorial Day, Presidents Day, Groundhog Day, Flag Day, Super Bowl Sunday, etc…

  2. So what you’re saying is, it’s only natural men act this way. I agree.

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